Meet the Tutors

We are extremely proud of our tutoring team. Collectively they have won over 40 South African and international writing awards.

Our writing tutors are passionate about writing and, at the same time, are warm, supportive teachers with years of understanding and experience in assessing writing.



Andrew Salomon tutors the Write a Novel Course and the Literary Short Story Course. He is the recipient of several writing awards.

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Alex Smith Novel Tutor

Alex Smith is the winner of several  prestigious writing awards. She tutors the Write a Novel Course and the Literary Short Fiction Course.

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Lisa Lazarus Memoir and Magazine Journalism

Lisa Lazarus tutors the
Memoir Writing Course.

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Tracey Hawthorne Magazine Journalism Tutor

Tracey Hawthorne tutors the
Freelance Journalism  course.

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Poet Fiona Zerbst, tutors the Introduction to Poetry Course.

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Susan Williams

Susan Williams tutors the
Business Writing  Courses.


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Arja Salafranca tutors the Write a Non-fiction
Book Course, the Poetry Course and the Freelance Journalism Course.

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Lorraine Forrest-Turner

Lorraine Forrest-Turner tutors the
Writing SEO Copy for Websites course.

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Award-winning journalist, Tamara Rothbart, tutors the Freelance Journalism course.

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Mandy Speechly tutors
the Copywriting Course.

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Helen Brain Creative Writing Tutor

Helen Brain is an award-winning author. She tutors several of our Creative Writing Courses.

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Ginny Swart Short Story Tutor

Ginny Swart is a prolific, award-winning author. She tutors the
Short Story Writing Course.

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A multi-award-winning scriptwriter, Karen Jeynes tutors the Scriptwriting Course
and the Advanced Scriptwriting Course.

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Fiona Walsh tutors the
Press Release and Media Writing Course.

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Maya Fowler tutors theWrite a Novel course in English and Afrikaans.
She has won several writing awards.

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Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn tutors the
Writing for Video Games Course.

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Karen Lotter Webwriting Tutor

Karen Lotter tutors the
Writing for the Web and Blog Writing courses.

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Shamin Chibba tutors the
Freelance Journalism Course and
the Basics of Feature Writing course

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Annelien van Basten tutors the
Tydskrifjoernalistieke kursus.

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Dianne Tipping-Woods

Dianne Tipping-Woods tutors the Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs Course

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Rosemary Hep÷zden

Rosemary Hepözden tutors the
Grammar for Writers (English first language)

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Fiona Ingram has won several prestigious international awards for her children's books. She tutors the Write a Novel Course and the Advanced Novel Course.

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Di Smith tutors the
Copy-Editing and Proofreading Course.

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Tiffany-Markman tutors Writing for Social Media at SA Writers College

Tiffany Markman tutors our Writing for Social Media Course.

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Russel Brownlee tutors the
Coaching the Writer Within Course.

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Chris-Marais-Travel Writing Tutor at SA Writers College

Chris Marais tutors the Travel Writing Course and the Freelance Journalism Course.

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Julienne-du-Toit-Travel Writing tutor at SA Writers College

Julienne du Toit tutors the Freelance Journalism Course and the Travel Writing Course.

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Wilna Adriaanse

Wilna Adriaanse tutors Die skryf 'n roman kursus and Die basiese kreatiewe skryfkursus

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Elsa Winckler tutors Die skryf 'n roman kursus

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Marian Michaux tutors the Grammar Skills Course.

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