Magazine Journalism Course Reviews

What graduates have said about our magazine journalism course

"From start to finish I was impressed with the professionalism of correspondence by my tutor. My tutor was simply amazing! She was very encouraging in her responses, as well as constructive and honest in her criticism. She has played a significant role in my development as a writer (not only in magazine journalism)." Delia Stanhope, Magazine Journalism

“Tracey, I would like to thank you sincerely for being such an outstanding tutor. I very much liked and appreciated your approach in commenting on my assignments. In general I found your advice very relevant, professional and representative of your considerable skills and experience. I can highly recommend you to any students who want to do the magazine journalism course with SAWC. And you certainly know how to work with an adult student like me who has a mind of her own! You made this course a most enjoyable experience for me. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours (SAWC and other)!” Madi Hanekom, Magazine Journalism Course

“Thank you for a fantastic course. Karin inspired me to really put all my effort in to this course and helped reignite my passion for writing. Koos was very organised and helpful. The course exceeded my expectations.” Micharn Pollock, Magazine Journalism Course

“[My tutor] was absolutely wonderful to work with. I wouldn’t have made it without her! Thank you for your professionalism. It’s been a pleasure working with the college and I will definitely recommend it when I have the chance.” Liezl Durie, Magazine Journalism

“Thanks so much for your encouragement and excellent course! I have learned a huge amount. The course content and feedback was BRILLIANT. Thank you! Karin Schimke’s feedback on my assignments and article was invaluable and considerately conveyed. I’ve no doubt that her input has shortcut the process of getting published by a massive margin.” Naomi Estment, Magazine Journalism Course

“I just have to say that I loved doing this short course on magazine journalism. I haven't submitted my article yet, but will definitely revise it, make some changes thanks to the external assessors feedback, and submit it shortly. My tutor Tracey was so willing to help out, and always gave honest and fair advice - which is just what I wanted. I have learnt so much and have already advised others to go onto your website & start their dreams of writing!” Gwyneth King, Magazine Journalism

“I really enjoyed the course and thought the feedback and course material were of a very high standard.” Emily Davis, Magazine Journalism

I’ve never done any writing courses before but I really think this course is excellent. I really enjoyed the course and it has given me a lot more confidence in my writing, especially for my work. I would love to do another course with the college, so hopefully next year you'll see my name again. Kim Govender, Magazine Journalism

"Lisa made this entire experience such a pleasure for me. It takes a special kind of lecturer to be able to give critique and feedback that empowers, gives insight and builds confidence. She has this gift. Whenever my courage started crumbling, she was right there showing me the way. I always felt safe in her hands. She is a great asset to the college. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her. I feel the course was extremely thorough and practical. So many times you do a course and afterwards sit with a book full of facts and no clue as how to implement them. This is not the case here. The knowledge you impart is directly related to the field and can be used in practise. Never have I felt so supported and encouraged by a team." Michelle Nothling, Magazine Journalism Course

"The course was indeed a valuable learning experience for me and I certainly did learn a lot from it. I have my degree in BA Journalism, but taking up the magazine writing course has specifically allowed me to gain a better understanding of the industry I want to work in." Tal Halili, Magazine Journalism Course

"I have already completed the Basics of Creative Writing Course and it was on the strength of the enjoyment I derived from that, that I completed this course too. I thoroughly enjoyed the Magazine Journalism Course. Tracey was a fantastic lecturer. Her feedback was sent the following day after I submitted my work and she was always very approachable and full of encouragement." Ariella Caira, Magazine Journalism

"Thank you for the incredible knowledge and writing training as well as the confidence gained from the course. Karin was a wonderful lecturer. While she was very straight and strict, she was also very encouraging in her comments. I appreciated this. After the information gleaned on the course and the motivation from my tutor, I believe my articles will be published." Jo Hedges, Magazine Journalism

"I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical, because I thought a college might not be able to give me the same amount of information that a university could, but I was proven wrong with each module. I gained knowledge of more than just the basics and I feel confident to write now. Karin is truly a wonderful lecturer and I can safely say that she becomes more than just that, she becomes a friend too. She tries to help whenever she can and she gave me very useful tips and tricks." Renette van der Merwe, Magazine Journalism Course

"I thought the course was extremely well run and I learnt a great deal from it. It suited me perfectly in terms of doing it part-time and Karin was an enthusiastic and inspirational tutor." Belinda Blomfield, Magazine Journalism

"I have done a number of different writing courses, and while I always came away knowing more, I never felt I'd gained anything in terms of practical application or writing confidence. When I came across SA Writers College I decided to give myself one last shot at becoming a 'real' writer. I chose the Magazine Journalism Foundation Course because it seemed to be the fastest route towards earning a living as a freelance writer. It was, without a doubt, the very best decision I could have made. My writing has improved beyond measure. More importantly my confidence in myself and my capabilities as a writer has escalated tremendously. THANK YOU!" Angela Horn, Magazine Journalism

"I especially liked the way the course focused on industry protocol and commercial details like payment, invoicing, relationship with editors etc, rather than just teaching writing style and technique. I am used to academic studying where the actual links between what you learn and how it will be applied in the workplace are not so obvious. I liked that this course teaches one how to be a magazine journalist and not just how to write magazine journalism. A great course overall. I really enjoyed it." Leanne Johannson, Magazine Journalism Course

"An excellent foundation for any potential writer. Only the hard knocks of reality will develop skill. [My tutor's] honest and helpful comments changed my perception of the written word." Lydia Borg-Jorgensen, Magazine Journalism Course

"Thanks for all your support and motivation - I always thought I had a knack for this but your opinion as a professional is what I needed to take the next steps. I am quite humbled really by the fact that my first published piece will be coming out in two weeks' time (FHM), and hopefully the African Communications piece as well soon. I could not have asked for more of a fast track towards my writing goals, thanks to you and SAWC." Kevin Willemse, Magazine Journalism

"In my opinion these courses are an absolute life-saver and a wonderful way to get experience and exposure without having to go and do a full BA in languages. The mentoring and advice offered are always spot on and challenge the way you look at your own writing, forcing you to step outside of your little box and try something new, stretching yourself and your ability. In addition, the material available in the student centre is not only interesting but really well written - it is easy to understand and to apply. Nicky Pantland, Magazine Journalism

"I can't believe it's all finished and done with! How sad! Thank you so much for all your help, you are a GREAT tutor and gave hidings when they were required and boosted my self confidence when it was getting a bit dented! You were fantastic *shakes pom poms*" Natasha Chandler, Magazine Journalism

The course content and presentation is really excellent. It is very well put together and comprehensive. (Remember, I am a teacher and trainer as well so I guess I am quite well positioned to judge!) I learnt a huge amount...The feedback and support is excellent. The whole system has been superbly designed and works extremely well. I have done online courses before but this one takes the cake! Mandy Lebides, Magazine Journalism
I thoroughly enjoyed completing the course. It taught me a lot; not only about journalism, but about myself and on how much I can actually stretch my abilities. Through doing this course I’ve realized that nothing is impossible and have already achieved things I never thought I would have…I really enjoyed having my tutor; she really has in-depth knowledge of journalism and English and taught me a lot. I almost felt like I bonded with her over this time and it’s sad to say goodbye. Kim Simpson, Magazine Journalism

Thanks a mill, Karin… I've taken all your teachings and sage words to heart, and my writing has improved TEN FOLD! Both you and Beth Cooper have taught me well – the proof is evident just by me counting all my happy (new and not-so-new) clients. Thank you. Kate Turner, Magazine Journalism

Thank you, for this – I enjoyed this course very much! It has been such a busy first half of the year and it was really just Lisa’s thoughtful feedback and encouragement that kept me at it. I was also very impressed with the way the course broke down the process through the line from concept to accounts into manageable modules. It really helped me get over my angst about writing and interviewing. I will definitely recommend this course. Nicole McCreedy, Magazine Journalism Course

Thank you. It was great to do the course and I'm excited that FL accepted my piece! Lisa was a great tutor too. Briony Chisholm, Magazine Journalism

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it to other aspiring writers. Leigh-Anne Hunter, Magazine Journalism

Thanks, I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and I look forward to using what I've learnt to get myself published! Elise Kirsten, Magazine Journalism

The course has been very interesting and informative, so thanks for that. I look forward to getting stuck into some more writing! Caminey Kuropatwa, Magazine Journalism

"This was a thoroughly enjoyable course, which has helped to give me more direction in terms of my writing. [The tutor was] incredibly helpful and supportive. …It was really valuable to learn the proper way of doing things for this genre." Belinda Glenn, Magazine Journalism

"As you will see I have NOTHING but praise [for the course]. I loved it all and Karin Schimke is a rock and mentor bar none!" Lisa Finkelstein, Magazine Journalism

"Hi Nichola - Thanks for a great course. I really learned a lot. It started something for me that is beyond words." Peet Steyn, Magazine Journalism

"Thanks so much for coordinating such a wonderful course. I enjoyed every second of it." Lerato Malekutu, Magazine Journalism

"Just a quick email to again say thanks for the wonderful work you're doing in the industry - the Magazine Journalism course I did has certainly helped me tremendously in my career!" Christo Valentyn, Magazine Journalism

"Now that I have completed [the course] I am thoroughly impressed and happy with the skills I have acquired in the process. So yes, in terms of learning more about the magazine industry and how to approach my work, it has exceeded all my expectations." Christo Valentyn, Magazine Journalism

"This course was very enjoyable, and delivered all that it promised. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone interested in starting out in journalism." Moira Golden, Magazine Journalism

"Thank you so much for all your effort and help. This is an invaluable opportunity you are offering." Benito Vergotine, Magazine Journalism

"I found everything about the course very well organised and presented. I really thought it was an excellent educational investment for me." Karen Huxham, Magazine Journalism

"Hi there – just a quick note to let you know my article, ‘Let’s cool it girl’ made the Feb ‘06 issue of Men’s Health. I’m so happy! And a huge ‘thank you’ for your input and support – it is so fulfilling to get done what you set out to do…." Marlene Marais, Magazine Journalism

"The foundation course was a great learning experience. It has instilled the confidence in me to go out and tackle the world as a freelance photojournalist." Margot Dolby, Magazine Journalism

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Foundation Course. I started with high expectations and have certainly not been disappointed. The individual attention, guidance and feedback that I received have been invaluable. The course content is excellent, challenging and stimulating. An added benefit was that I was forced to write an article, whereas in my busy, everyday life, that would have just remained a dream. I will definitely be registering for the Advanced Course." Jennifer Dunkley, Magazine Journalism

"The course provided a great foundation for a future career in journalism. The lecturer, Nichola Meyer, was dedicated, involved, and obviously passionate about her subject. Her support has been invaluable." Brenda Walters, Magazine Journalism

"The lecturer knows what she’s doing, and really seems to want her students to get into the magazine industry. She’s always available to contact with any questions, and always gives constructive feedback." Caro Engelbrecht, Magazine Journalism

"This course was invaluable, inspiring and absorbing. It was far better than I expected, and highly professional. I was in awe of the calibre of the course and lecturer." Karen Engeldow, Magazine Journalism

"Thanks for a dynamic and very interesting course. I have enjoyed every second of it!" Chantal Di Donato, Magazine Journalism

Our testimonials are from students we have trained from all over South Africa, from Cape Town to Joburg, Durban to Upington.

If you completed a course with us and would like to write a testimonial, please contact Koos at [email protected].

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