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  • What is your refund policy?
  • What if I need an extension?
  • Who owns the rights to work I produce while on a course?
  • What if I encounter an Internet-related problem?
  • What if I don't like my tutor?
  • What if I have chosen the wrong course?

What is your refund policy?

If within 7 days of starting your course you are not happy on your course, we can either transfer you to a different course or provide a full refund, minus a 5% administration fee. If you request a refund after seven days and before 30 days we will charge a 5% administrative fee, as well as any bank fees and tutor fees already incurred. We do not offer a refund after 30 days on the course.

Please note: We do not offer a refund after 30 days. No disputes will be entered into.


What if I need an extension?

Our courses are designed to be completed within the specified timeframe by a person who is in full-time employment. However, there are many instances (i.e. a crisis) where you may need to stop your studies for a set time or where you need an extension. We understand that life happens and we want to see you successfully complete your course. There are several options available.

  • A formal break from the course - Should you need to stop studying you need to let your tutor and admin know. We will then freeze your course for up to six months and await your instruction before we restart it. The duration of the break needs to be reasonable as there should be some continuity during the course. For example, a few weeks to a few months would be fine. For longer periods your tuition may become too fragmented and the successful completion of the course compromised. If the duration of the break requires that you need to redo some modules we will need to invoice you for those modules on a pro rata basis. The determination of which modules must be redone will be considered on a case by case evaluation and will include input from your tutor. All extensions are subject to tutor approval and availability.
  • If you need an extension - All requests for extensions must be made to the college principal. You need to state a reason and a note is placed on your student record and we will ask you to commit to a new deadline. Please note: we only grant extensions in selected cases, and receiving an extension on a deadline-driven journalism course, for instance, is rare. Depending on the reason given, you may or may not be awarded a certificate as you will have gone over the time allocation. We will allow you to continue your course until completed provided your tutor is still available. We will also liaise with your tutor before we grant an extension.

Who owns the rights to work I produce while on a course?

The rights to any original work that you create while on a course with us automatically belong to you. In keeping with international intellectual property laws, the copyright remains with the originator. Our aim is to see you grow as a writer and if you want to get published, we would want to support you in any way we can. We claim no rights to work you produce while on a course with us, but a mention of the college in your bio would be appreciated!

What if I encounter a computer-related problem?

There are things that can go wrong. You may forget your password or not be able to log in. You may not be receiving modules or they arrive corrupted. You might have a computer virus and can't work on your assignments. For course-related queries your first port of call would be your tutor. If you don't get a solution you need to let admin know. For anything technical or outside of course-specific problems, write to admin. The administrative function of the college serves to support the student with any problems that occur. We aim to respond immediately or at least within one working day. We will work on a solution until the problem is solved and you are satisfied.

What if I don't like my tutor?

In the very unlikely event that you don't get on with your tutor you need to inform us immediately. We want you to be happy with every aspect of your course and the relationship with your tutor is a vital part of the success of your course. Should an issue arise we will act as an intermediary between you and your tutor until the issue is resolved. In cases that cannot be resolved we will transfer you to another tutor.

Please be aware, though, that you will receive training from an industry professional. They are obliged to give you honest, real-world feedback and will not pretend that a substandard piece of work is acceptable; this would only set you up for failure and would undermine our aim of providing excellent tuition. Of course, if work you produce is not up to an expected standard the tutor will help you see why and help you make improvements - this is the reason you are doing the course. This is done in an encouraging and nurturing way.


What if I have chosen the wrong course?

During the application process we get a good idea of your suitability for the chosen course. If we feel there is an alternative course that will serve you better we will always recommend you consider that course before we approve your choice. We provide plenty of detail for each of our courses so you can make an educated choice as to which one will suit you best. If you want advice before you apply just ask us; we have a huge amount of experience in establishing your needs as a writer and finding the most suitable course for you.

If you do embark on a course and you find that it was the wrong choice, then we will happily transfer you to another course as long as it is early in your course (i.e. within the first module). If you change your mind later on in the course, we will charge you pro rata for the modules you have completed and an administrative fee.


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