Andrew Salomon

Andrew Saloman is an award-winning author. His debut novel ‘Tokoloshe Song’ was shortlisted for the Terry Pratchett First Novel Award.

Additionally, his short fiction has been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize, and he has also received the PEN Literary Award for African Fiction and the Short.Sharp.Stories Award.

Andrew is the author of the Young Adult thrillers ‘The Chrysalis’ and ‘Wonderbear’. His latest novel is the dark fantasy thriller, ‘The Equilibrist’. He completed an MA at the Institute for Archaeology at University College London. Some of his most memorable experiences have been at rock painting and engraving sites in rock shelters and subterranean caves across the world. These often find their way into his fiction.

Andrew tutors several courses at the Writers College, including Write a Novel, Advanced Write a Novel and Advanced Short Story Writing.


‘I really had to think on my feet, so to speak, and fight through numerous bouts of writer’s block. Andrew was just as helpful, if not more so than the last course we did together. His help was truly invaluable to me. So far, every course I’ve gone through has been an absolute breeze. The tutors are always there to help and the coursework is the clearest I’ve seen since I was in high school.’ Gregory Seebregts, Advanced Novel Writing Course

‘My experience was enriching as I not only gained greater expertise in various areas of creative writing but also gained belief in my own ability. Andrew was always prompt with his responses. His feedback was helpful and well-informed. I grew so much as a writer through his tutelage. His input and encouragement were invaluable. It was a pivotal experience. It took me from a place of self-doubt to self-belief all the while equipping me with the tools to become an effective writer.’ Zachary Zwart, Write a Novel Course

‘I found this course both challenging and exciting, causing me to excel in ways I never would have dreamed. I found Andrew easy to communicate with and very friendly. I was impressed to see my marked assignments returned to me quickly – often the very next day after I had sent them. My experience with the College was wonderful. One thing that particularly impressed me was the way they just took me as I was, considering that I am blind.’ Petra Coleman, Mastering Punctuation Course

‘The course provided me with answers to questions I have had for a very long time. It opened my eyes to the reality of being a writer and, if anything, has made me fall in love with stories even more. I was highly satisfied with Andrew’s guidance, compassion, and understanding that a writer is an individual. He in no way forced me to write in any way that was not genuine to me and my style, which I appreciated. The Writers College helped me to grow in what I love to do rather than change it into something less enjoyable.’ Sarah Verna, Write a Novel Course

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this course; the exercises were challenging and informative and it really gave me the impetus I needed to start my novel. Andrew was a joy to work with – he gave me great feedback and responded to any query I had with intelligence and compassion. An absolutely wonderful experience.’ Lindsay Klein, Write a Novel Course