Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn has a BA in Media Studies from Massey University and is a freelance narrative designer in Auckland, New Zealand. He tutors the Writing for Video Games course.

Paul is passionate about video games and the stories they tell. He’s been hooked on exploring vast, fantastic gaming worlds since the very first time he watched his Commodore 64 load Elite from a cassette tape. While the hardware has changed, his love of these immersive and interactive stories hasn’t waned.

Paul’s writing background is both diverse and extensive. He has over a decade of experience working in the communications industry. At one point or another, he has had a hand in creating dynamic video and digital media for non-profits, crafting online articles and blogs, copy-editing novels and producing captivating marketing content for software companies. 

He maintains a deep appreciation for how our digital culture shapes and employs narratives, and he sees the interactive nature of games as an exciting evolution of storytelling.


‘I was very fortunate and happy to be able to complete this course. I’ve learnt so much about the industry and most of all I’ve learnt how to improve my future writing projects. Paul Dunn was an excellent tutor and a great help for all the questions I had regarding the course content, no matter how simple and irrelevant I deemed my questions to be. He always promptly responded to my questions and gave me advice and pointers on how to improve my future work. A wonderful college to improve and shape your writing skills.’ Stephanie Toerien, Writing for Video Games Course

‘Great course for people who want to get into the field, or those who already are but could use a little structure. Paul was excellent: patient in answering questions, great at explaining things and very responsive.’ Rosemary Lokhorst, Writing for Video Games Course

‘The course has been both informative and enjoyable, and provided modules that were not only rewarding to complete but also entertaining to work on. Paul has been an excellent tutor during the course and has been both punctual in his replies and helpful with his advice. He was also a great help in suggesting how to branch into the gaming community after the course was completed. The course has been a fun learning experience and has helped further my knowledge in the specified genre of writing. The Writers College was exactly what I’d been looking for. It has helped better my understanding of this genre of writing, and has helped solidify my thoughts on working towards a career in creative writing.’ Rachel Colligan, Writing for Video Games Course

‘The course was very informative – fascinating even – and I felt as though a lot of uncertainties in my writing finally made sense. My appreciation for games and even other mediums of storytelling has increased as well, making them far more enjoyable. I can, with confidence, say that this course was excellent and I recommend it to anyone interested in the industry! Paul was superb throughout! His feedback and guidance on the assignments and the various game elements and narratives were incredibly helpful. In fact, while the materials on the course were great, I can honestly say that thanks to Paul I came away with so much more. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he is one of the best tutors I’ve had! I’m truly grateful to have had his guidance on this course and if we ever end up on the same writing team for a game someday I’d be overjoyed! A fantastic and informative experience! I learned so much and enjoyed every bit of it so much so that I was sad when my course came to an end. It was the kind of experience I’d be happy to reload and relive!’ Ashley Susan Nicole Fairfoot, Writing for Video Games Course