Russel Brownlee

Russel Brownlee is an award-winning writer and life coach. 

He worked as a journalist before deciding to follow his dream of writing a novel. After years of self-study and writing, he embarked on a Creative Writing Master’s degree and completed a novel that was published. This novel, Garden of the Plagues, went on to win South Africa’s Olive Schreiner Award for debut fiction, and was shortlisted for the country’s premier writing prize, the Sunday Times Literary Awards.

Russel then began following a second great passion – personal development and self-actualization – and wrote an inspirational non-fiction book, The Discovery of Causeless Joy. After realising that it would be difficult to find a local publisher for the book, he set about learning how to self-publish on Amazon. It was a steep learning curve, but he soon got it published as a Kindle e-book and as a paperback. The experience left him feeling empowered as an author and eager to impart his vast knowledge of self-publishing to other writers. 

Russel tutors our ‘Self-Publish Your e-Book‘ course and the Coaching the Writer Within Course.



‘Overall, I would describe my experience as wonderful! I found the course to be most instructive and gratifying. Russel was always available and an extremely helpful tutor. He was a pillar of support and encouragement throughout the course. He was extremely prompt and I always felt he went the extra mile for me when I was uncertain of anything. The Writers College gave me the opportunity, insight, and guidance that I needed to accomplish my life-long dream of publishing my novel. I would highly recommend The Writers College to anyone who has anything to do with the written word, whether in a personal or professional capacity.’ Robyn Anakin Veary, Self-Publish Your e-Book Course

‘I found the course challenging, well-structured and packed with useful and relevant information that was usable. As for Russel himself as a tutor, I found him to always challenge me as a writer and not just comment ‘good job’ or ‘well done’ but also interrogate what I had written and give suggestions that improved me as a writer. His exercises are valuable and anyone doing the training would greatly benefit from doing them. Awesome tutor and service as usual from The Writers College.’ Allan Spear, Coaching the Writer Within Course

‘Completing the course was such an eye-opening and beautiful journey. It exceeded my expectations. Russel was an insightful and wise tutor, which definitely came across in the feedback he gave. From the answers I gave him for each task, he was able to give me deeper understanding. I felt encouraged and understood. The Writers College are an amazing team with great content to offer.’ Linda, Coaching the Writer Within Course

‘From having been totally stuck with my writing before starting this course, I have now started writing again and feel very inspired. I loved the way the course was set out and it was easy and exciting to work through. The experience with my tutor Russel was really rewarding. I loved his approach and his encouragement to dig into my soul. The personal feedback was great and I enjoyed receiving the audio responses to my submissions. His replies were very prompt and helpful. The course was very inspiring.’ Lindsey Sanderson, Coaching the Writer Within

‘The course was challenging in the most positive way. Although it’s never comfortable to look at why and how we self-sabotage, the course wasn’t nearly as daunting as I imagined, and certainly provided me with insight and tools to overcome some of the difficulties I encounter as a writer. I needed to understand why I procrastinate so much, and I now do. Russel is a really empathic and intuitive tutor. He shares his knowledge and experience very willingly in a realistic and helpful way. It was my third course with the Writers College. I have found that the structure of the college really works for me.’ Brenda Ilbury, Coaching the Writer Within