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Are you sick of second-guessing every phrase you write? Looking for ways to establish an engaging, effective writing routine and faster project completion? At The Writers College, we’ll help you achieve your creative writing goals in the shortest time possible.

In the last 15 years we’ve taught thousands of novelists, poets, scriptwriters and children’s authors how to polish their writing and get published, without wasted time and effort. We’ve helped students of all ages and backgrounds achieve impressive results, and we can do the same for you.

Here Are a Few of Our
Student Successes:

Follow One of Our Specialised Creative Writing Programmes and Avoid Common Writing Mistakes

Completing your novel, screenplay or short story can be easier than you think. Many writers simply don’t know the best approach to take, resulting in frustration, lack of motivation and blocked creativity. At The Writers College, we’ve done the difficult groundwork for you. All you need to do is follow our step-by-step guidance and implement your individual feedback to complete your creative writing project in no time.

You won’t just save time and effort either. By harnessing your professional tutor’s insider tips and tricks, you can unlock far better creative results than you’d ever achieve on your own.

We’ve taken decades of writing experience by our team of award-winning writers and compressed it into comprehensive, effective programmes that you can complete at your own pace. Plus our students consistently tell us how fun, stimulating and challenging our courses are!

What Our Students Say

Martin KristiansenBasics of Creative Writing Course
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Completing the course was a fascinating and valuable experience; quite possibly, life changing. It was exactly what I was looking for but didn’t really expect to find. It went way beyond what I expected.
Bradford KeenWrite a Novel Course
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It helped me start a novel that, without it, may have taken another eight years for the first words to be written.
Maggie BenhamAdvanced Creative Writing Course
Read More

My experience at The Writers College changed my life. It has been a great creative outlet and has given me the courage to write a novel. Thank you.
Philna SmithWrite a Novel Course
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The course was excellent in the sense that I received detailed feedback on my work, could work at my own pace, and my specific weaknesses were addressed.
Gwen PritchardWrite a Novel Course
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I had talked about writing ‘my book’ for years and when my family signed me up, I was forced to start and it was an amazing experience. It was a journey of learning and growing as a writer and an opening of the mind.
Kayla Jean McCollWrite a Novel Course
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This course helped me learn a lot about myself as a writer and I enjoyed every second of it. I now know a lot more about the writing industry that many people usually don't know. It has been an amazing and insightful year and I would definitely do it all over again.
Rachel ColliganWriting for Video Games Course
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The Writers College was exactly what I'd been looking for. It has helped better my understanding of this genre of writing, and has helped solidify my thoughts on working towards a career in creative writing.

Here’s a Brief Outline of What We Cover in Our Courses

Anyone, of any age, can acquire the tools needed to kick-start their project or drive it to completion.

We’ll impart the skills you need to harness your imagination, super-charge your approach and polish your final draft.

Whether you’re fresh out of high school, a confident writer aiming to fast-track their manuscript, or newly retired with time and energy for a personal project, our one-to-one feedback and expertise will boost your writing progress.

Do you have what it takes to be a writer?

You’ll never know unless you try!

Here Are Our Creative Writing Courses for 2021:

The Basics of Creative Writing

Master the basic skills required for all forms of creative writing. Practise your writing in dozens of fun exercises in this four-month writing course. Suitable for all levels of writers.

The Advanced Creative Writing Course

Our Advanced Creative Writing Course builds on the skills you acquired in the Basics of Creative Writing Course. Use these skills in more sophisticated ways to achieve mature, polished writing. Open to graduates of the Basics Course.

Short Story Writing for Magazines

Learn the skills you need to write saleable short stories for magazines – plus discover how to stretch your imagination and stimulate your creativity!

Literary Short and Flash Fiction

In this course, we provide the tools you need to write literary short stories. We also share tips on how to get them published in print and online journals.

The Write a Novel Course

This course covers everything you need to write your manuscript - chapter by chapter. Learn how to write believable dialogue, create solid characters, how to structure your plot and create tension. Walk away with a proposal ready for the publisher's desk.

An Introduction to Poetry

This course teaches you the basic skills of poetry, including line length, figures of speech, metered verse, tone, imagery and lyricism.

The Scriptwriting Course

Write and sell your own stage play, radio play or movie script. This course will guide you from your big idea to a saleable finished product.

The Writing for Video Games Course

Learn to write for one of the fastest growing industries in the world! This ten-module course teaches you how to write dialogue, concept documents, in-game text and the host of other narrative assets that you'll find in video games.

Writing Books for Children | Part One

You're about to enter the exciting world of writing a book for children. This potentially lucrative market is always open to new writers who have cracked the code of what inspires children.

Writing Books for Children | Part Two

This follow-on course from Writing Books for Children (Part One) will provide the tools and support you need to complete your chapter book for 8- to 12-year-olds.

The Write Your Memoir Course

This course offers expert, one-to-one training by a professional writer to give you a solid foundation in the craft of memoir writing.

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The courses below are follow-on courses aimed at completing a full manuscript or anthology.

Advanced Short Story Writing

Our Advanced Short Story Writing Course is designed to guide you step by step to write a collection of short stories for a personal anthology. (Conditions apply.)
conditions apply

The Advanced Write a Novel Course

Our Advanced Write a Novel Course builds on the manuscript that you wrote in the foundation course. Now complete your manuscript up to 70 000 words with one-to-one guidance from an award-winning writer.

The Advanced Poetry Course

Our Advanced Poetry Course will take you a step further on your journey towards crafting poems that could be considered for publication by literary journals. Your experienced tutor will teach you how to find your poetic voice, how to edit your own work, and how to become more technically proficient as a poet.

The Advanced Scriptwriting Course

This advanced writing course provides all the support and structure you need to develop a complete script for film, stage or a TV series.

The Advanced Memoir Course

Our Advanced Memoir Course builds on the manuscript that you wrote in the foundation course. Now complete your manuscript up to 70 000 words with one-to-one guidance from an award-winning writer.

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Your Writing Course?

We would love to help you choose the best course for you. Tell us what style of writing you want to develop and we'll give you some options.

Want to Transform Your Writing? Get Your Free Report!

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