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Course Summary

Basics of Feature Writing R 5995.00 The Basics of Feature Writing Course introduces you to the structure and format of feature articles, and teaches you how to write readable articles for print and web publications. (More...)
Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs R 5995.00 Whether you want to earn an income from writing web articles, or you want to write content for your blog, we will teach you the skills to write articles that will stand out among the millions on the web. (more...)
Freelance Journalism for Magazines and Webzines R 7395.00 Our most comprehensive journalism course teaches you everything you need to write articles for print and digital magazines - plus gives you the chance to get published! Expert tutelage by well-known South African journalists, including Diane Tipping-Woods, Chris Marais, Julienne du Toit and Arja Salafranca. (more...)
Advanced Freelance Journalism R 7795.00 This exciting journalism course offers you the chance to write three publishable articles for magazines. With specialist supervision from award-winning journalists. (*Conditions apply) (more...)
Vryskutjoernalistieke kursus R 7395.00 Die Vryskutjoernalistieke kursus neem jou stap-vir-stap deur die prosesse waardeur elke joernalis moet gaan om tydskrifartikels te kan skryf en verkoop. Kursusopleier is Annelien van Basten (more...)
Travel Writing R 7395.00 Learn how to write travel articles for leading local and international publications, and write a publishable travel piece. Under the tutelage of the multi-award winning travel writers Julienne du Toit and Chris Marais. (more...)
Write a Non-Fiction Book R 7995.00 This 10-module online writing course will help you write your non-fiction book. Whether you want to write travel stories, histories, biographies, how-to or self-help, educational and text books, this course ensures that you make a solid start on your manuscript, with line-by-line feedback from an expert in the field. (more...)








Course Summary

Basics of Creative Writing R 5695.00
Master the basic writing skills required for all forms of creative writing. Practice your writing in dozens of fun exercises in this four-month online course, under the guidance of award-winning writer Helen Brain. (more...)
Advanced Creative Writing R 6495.00 A continuation course that explores more advanced techniques of creative writing.
** Conditions apply (more...)
Die Basiese Kreatiewe Skryfkursus R 5695.00 ‘n Inleidende kursus vir aspirantskrywers van kortverhale, romans, memoires en boeke vir kinders. Student lewer 40 geskrewe oefeninge met persoonlike hulp van ‘n studieleier. Kursusopleiers is Wilna Adriaanse (more...)
Short Story Writing for Magazines R 6995.00 Award-winning writer Ginny Swart has over 750 published short stories to her name. Under her tutelage, you'll get all the writing skills training you need to write and sell your short stories to magazines, both locally and internationally. (more...)
Literary Short and Flash Fiction R 6995.00 Have you always loved writing stories, and wish you could become a published writer? In this course, we teach you all the writing tools you need to write publishable short stories. Tutored by multi-award-winning writers.(more...)

Literêre Kort- en Kitsfiksie-Kursus

R 6995.00 This course is the same at our Literary Short and Flash Fiction course but assignments must be submitted in Afrikaans. Critiques will be given in Afrikaans. Tutored by award-winning writer, Maya Fowler. (more...)
Advanced Short Story Writing R 7795.00 Do you love writing short stories, and wonder what the next step is for further developing your craft? (more...)
Write a Novel R 7995.00 With one-on-one training by the acclaimed Alex Smith, Fiona Ingram, Andrew Salomon and Maya Fowler, this course is perfect for aspiring novelists. Learn about the writing life, start writing your novel and find out how to get it published. (more...)
Advanced Novel Writing R 8995.00 This course provides all the support and structure for the completion of your novel, with one-on-one guidance from award-winning tutors. (more...)
Skryf 'n Roman R 7995.00 Het jy nog altyd daarvan gedroom om ‘n roman te skryf? Ons interessante en praktiese aanlynskryfkursus is ontwikkel om jou stap vir stap te begelei. Jy kry deurlopend kundige raad, leiding en ondersteuning van Wilna Adriaanse, Marita van der Vyver en Elsa Winckler, (more...)
Introduction to Poetry R 4995.00 Let award-winning poet Fiona Zerbst guide you through this online poetry course, teaching you the basic tools of poetry. The writing course covers line length, figures of speech, metered verse, tone, imagery and lyrics. (more...)
Advanced Poetry Course R 5995.00 This advanced writing course provides all the support and structure to develop seven new poems, with one-on-one guidance from your tutor.
Scriptwriting R 5995.00 Write and sell your own stage play, radio play or movie script. Tutored by multi-award-winning playwright and author, Karen Jeynes, this course will guide you from your big idea to the sellable finished product. (more...)
Advanced Scriptwriting R 8995.00 This advanced writing course provides all the support and structure to develop a complete script for film or a TV series, with one-on-one guidance from multi award winning tutor Karen Jeynes. (more...)
Write a Children's Book - Part 1 R 5995.00
Award-winning author, Helen Brain, has published over 50 books for children. Her course will teach you how to write for this demanding audience, and help you sell your completed manuscript. (more...)
Write a Children's Book - Part 2 R 5995.00 This follow-on course from Writing Books for Children (Part One) will provide the tools and support you need to complete your chapter book for 8-to12-year-olds. (more...)
Skryf 'n kinderboek - Deel 1 R 5995.00 As jy nog altyd ‘n kinderboek wou skryf, is hierdie kursus net die ding vir jou. Leer die vaardighede en geniet al die ondersteuning wat jy nodig het om ‘n boek vir 8-12-jariges te skryf. Boonop kan jy uitvind hoe om jou werk gepubliseer te kry. Kursusopleier is die bekroonde skrywer Maya Fowler. (more...)
Skryf 'n kinderboek - Deel 2 R 5995.00 Hierdie opvolgkursus van Skryf 'n Kinderboek (Deel Een) sal jou die vaardighede en ondersteuning gee wat jy nodig het om jou boek vir 8 tot 12-jariges te voltooi. (more...)
Coaching the Writer Within R 5495.00

On this course you get to connect with a personal coach - a real person who understands something of what you are experiencing as a writer, and who can give you validation, a sense of companionship, and a friendly challenge to open up more of your capabilities. (more...)
Write Your Memoir R 6495.00

Start writing your memoir with line by line mentoring by memoirist Lisa Lazarus and Alexandra Smith. Learn the tools used by published memoir writers to get your story completed. (more...)

Writing for Video Games R 9495.00 This 10-module online course will teach you how to write the dialogues, concept documents, in-game text, and the host of other narrative assets that you'll find in video games. (more...)








Course Summary

Writing Coach Course R 6495.00 Give your writing a makeover with this customised writing course. Learn to use words with flair and confidence, under the guidance of professional wordsmith Susan Williams. (more...)
Business Writing Toolkit R 5295.00 Learn the most important business writing skills you need in the workplace. This seven module course will make a difference to your written communication skills and boost your writing confidence. (more...)
Grammar Skills (English 2nd Language) R 5995.00 Brush up your grammar skills in this rigorous training course. Perfect for students, entry-level employees and anyone who has English as a second language. (more...)
Grammar for Writers (English 1st Language) R 6495.00 Comprehensive, challenging and practical, the courses aim to untangle the rules so you can identify and eliminate writing errors you may have been making for years. (more...)
Report Writing and Presentation R 7995.00 This course is essential for technical specialists or  managers whose career growth depends on being effective and persuasive as a business report writer. (more...)
Mastering Punctuation R 3995.00 The course provides definitive instruction around the use of commas, quotation marks, colons and other important punctuation required for crafting good writing. (more...)
Write Better Newsletters R 4795.00 Learn to write enjoyable, informative newsletter articles for the workplace. Let us help you come up with great topics, effective research and well written articles ready for submission. (more...)
Write Better Letters R 2995.00 Learn to write perfect letters for the workplace. (more...)








Course Summary

Copy-Editing and Proofreading R 5495.00 This five-month course will teach the basic skills of proofreading, and covers the basic grammar and punctuation rules of English, so that language practitioners can make informed, consistent and confident decisions in their copy-editing. (more...)
Writing for the Web R 5995.00 A general course in which you'll learn proven principles of web writing, and how to help online visitors find the information they want, navigate your site and stay on your site. (More...)
Social Media Writing Skills R 5495.00 This course is for anyone who wants to create effective content to build their brand on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. (more...)
Write a blog that will get read R 4995.00 This course will teach you about writing blog posts that are findable.  It is about using keywords, images and tags that are appropriate to your blog; it is about encouraging you to write great, original content - but most of all, it is about teaching you to write a blog that will get read. (more...)
Writing SEO Copy for Websites R 7495.00 Learn how to write powerful copy for the static pages of a website. From the Home page, the About Us page all the way through to FAQs and the Contact Us page. Study with a professional writer, and find out how to make the most impact with your words. (More...)
Press Release and Media Writing R 5495.00 Learn the writing skills demanded by the challenging and burgeoning field of public relations, and write a sellable press release. Tutored by international PR expert Fiona Walsh. (more...)
Copywriting R 6995.00 Learn how to create effective advertising ideas and develop your skills as a writer to communicate them in a relevant, rewarding and unexpected way. This eight-module course is facilitated by professional copywriter Mandy Speechly. (more...)
Coaching the Writer Within R 5495.00 This 7-month coaching course is all about unlocking your full creative potential as a writer. Work with professional coach and award-winning writer, Russel Brownlee. (more...)
Self-publish Your e-Book
R 5995.00
Learn how to publish an e-book, and then sell it to a worldwide market on Amazon in this 12-month online course. (more...)
Write a Non-Fiction Book R 7995.00 This 10-module online writing course will help you write your non-fiction book. Whether you want to write travel stories, histories, biographies, how-to or self-help, educational and text books, this course ensures that you make a solid start on your manuscript, with line-by-line feedback from an expert in the field. (more...)


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