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Writing Articles for Websites and Blogs Course at SA Writers College

In today’s aggressive job market, upskilling and professional development will keep you ahead of your competitors. Even if you’re already working as a writer, writing courses like those on offer at the Writers College can sharpen and update your skills. If you’re a passionate amateur, a course could turn that passion into a career. Here are just a few advantages of taking a writing course:

Develop your writing skills

No matter your skill level, there’s always something new to learn in the advancement of your craft. 

A writing course will teach you different writing techniques, genres, and styles. You can even specialise in a niche like travel writing or romance novels. You’ll also learn how to structure your writing, use proper grammar, master punctuation and edit your work.

Get feedback from specialised tutors

One of the key benefits of a writing course is that you’ll receive feedback from a professional tutor who is a specialist in their field, such as poetry or science fiction or journalism. This personalised feedback will refine your writing by reinforcing your unique strengths and addressing specific areas for improvement.

One of the hardest parts of being a beginner writer is not knowing if your writing is any good, and how to address the blind spots in your style. Constructive, kind feedback from a professional solves that problem.

Build your writing confidence

Writing is often a solitary undertaking, and it’s easy to feel discouraged when you’re working alone. A writing course will provide a constructive environment to share your work and receive support from a tutor who understands the struggles of writing. Sharing your work and learning from feedback is an effective way to overcome self-doubt as a writer. Network with like-minded writers

Enrolling in a writing course can introduce you to fellow students and alumni, presenting opportunities to form writing groups or make new friends who share your love of writing. These connections may prove invaluable. Networking with writers can not only boost your writing skills, but also help you build your career through connections both local and abroad.

Open doors to writing opportunities

Finally, taking a writing course can open doors to working with publishers, agents, and other professionals in the industry. Many writing courses also offer opportunities to participate in challenges and competitions. Through these experiences, you’ll learn more about the publishing process, get industry feedback and develop your portfolio.

So, if you’re passionate about writing, enrol in a writing course and watch your confidence soar.


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Our Refund Policy

If within seven days of starting your course you are not happy on your course, we can either transfer you to a different course or provide a full refund.

If you request a refund after seven days and before 30 days we will charge a 5% administrative fee, as well as any bank fees and tutor fees already incurred.

We do not offer a refund after 30 days on the course.