You Can Be Quiet and Your Writing Loud

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Writing is an activity where you can be introverted in nature and extroverted in writing, explains TAMSIN MBATSHA.

One-third of people are reserved, introspective, and quiet. They are introverts. Some introverts may feel that their quiet nature is a curse; they may long to be like the noisy extroverts who snatch the limelight at a party.

However, there are ways an introvert can communicate their creative unique thoughts to the world – through writing.

Here’s how writing can unleash the extrovert in you.

Writing Is Uninterrupted Communication

Social interactions can be awkward and uncomfortable. Words may get jumbled and taken out of context. Sometimes, to get to the point and make sure that you are being understood, writing can be a saving grace.

Writing can be a helpful form of communication, whether in a letter, email, or blog post. Writing gives the time and space to accurately convey a message where the spoken word may not have.

Having a blog or even a Facebook page where they can express their creativity is a good outlet for anyone who may be shy to share their work with those around them. 

Writing Things Down Can Help Process Information

A study completed in 2008, published in the Journal of Motor Behavior, says introverts take longer to process ideas, and this is not a bad thing.

Introverts are more thoughtful when exploring ideas, and before jumping to new ones, unlike their extroverted counterparts.

Writing things down may help an introverted person reflect and process information with a new perspective.

This includes journaling your emotions or simply jotting down how your day went. Writing is not an escape for speaking up about how you feel, but it may help sift through the nitty-gritty of what you are feeling inside.

Introverts Can Be an Asset

A team from Yale conducted an experiment to study the differences between introverts and extroverts in leadership. Using psychological questions and personality-based testing, they showed that the reserved candidates outperformed the boisterous ones. The conclusion? Introverts can be strong leaders.

Introverts can showcase their leadership abilities, such as inclusiveness, observational skills and thoughtfulness for positive change.

I end with this quote by Stephen Hawking, “Quiet people have the loudest minds.” So be quiet if you must, but let your writing be your words. You can do it and writing can help you do it.

About the Author

Tamsin Mbatsha works full time at a homoeopathic and chiropractic practice in a small seaside town on the East Coast of South Africa. Although often working, Tamsin can also be found on a beach horse ride, reading true stories, or looking for a new skill to learn. Tamsin enjoys writing in her free time.


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